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PRAISE, THEY DELETED INSTAGRAM FINALLY thank you all who argued enough with that person, i think they were like..11 yr olds….bcos a lot of got7 fans are like…KIDS.

but thank you all!!! TT_TT

Anonymous asked: there is rape in 50 shades, but it's glorified in the text to make it seem like it wasn't, when it clearly was- this book is just really fucked up

yeah i kind of figured..i read bad stuff about it but didnt know too much and looked it up..mainly bcos this person on fb insists its all consensual 

but then we start to argue and i comment to the original poster [michelle, who also hates the book] and them im called ignorant like what lol.

Can someone tell me if there is rape in 50shades of grey? Someone says theres not and I never read it so…



i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again


how does america even function like it sounds like a video game or something. grand theft freedom.

Anonymous asked: "feminism is about equality" -> the problem is that 90% of feminists nowadays (especially on tumblr) are the man-hater, supremacist type. heck, i just saw a chick with a "misandry" tattoo saying that all men deserve to be objectified and raped, how the fuck is that equality? they want to oppress and even kill men, so how are they any better than those ~male oppressors~. what a bunch of hypocrisy.


@reapersun said: i haven’t seen any rebuttal to that statement yet so i’d be interested in reading that

i noticed that too!! im really surprised.

lame list of reasons:
my main thing is the snippets of those documents. like anyone could fabricate those.  they say that “they were charged to use the electricity” but i cant really see that. they could charge for them to set up a stage, seating, tables, microphones, etc [this is from my sister who worked at a hotel that held a lot of conventions{omni}) i mean IDK how CHICAGO charges stuff for all i know they COULD charge for use of electricity but i really REALY can not see  a hotel charging ppl for something like use of electricity for their building. or unless they mean use of electrical equipment? sure.  another thing was a NICE hotel, which they used aka renaissance i think? would tell you all of the charges upfront. however muched they owed before hand and then the hotel is gonna drop another somethinthousands  more DURING the con? nah. businesses dont run like that.  everything is spelled out in a contract. you discuss that contract and sign. 
now with this spreadsheets, anyone could fabricate those. id believe it if they had a hotel logo and a list of charges. a dang picture would have sufficed, a scanned document even. this just looks like they made it in ps and cropped the necessary parts. even the one where they had the supposed letter the hotel sent them that had a TON of whited out parts. IDK. if you look at the spreadsheet in the beginning and the spreadsheet of those room charges that they mention having intent to pay, they dont even match. if its the same hotel they should be formatted the same. 
another thing i was like..really..was they didnt seem to really give a legit  apologyfor themselves, but more so pointing fingers like, SO AND SO SAID THIS, SO AND SO SAID THAT. i was expecting more of a ” We truly fucked up , next time we’re hire someone who knows what the heck they’re doing, we’re sorry for wasting everyones time and money with this.” or sOMETHIng ya know?  i just got a bunch of bs vibes from the whole post but i guess it was just me and my friend and sister lol…
anyway the thing w nightvale lol i can totally see them wantin to peace out and want actual cash ufront bcos they would probably have a hard time believing dashcon even had t he money to pay them, so that check woulda bounnceedddd.

Am I the only one who was like wtf is this bs when reading dashcons post statement they made about their con bcos I got a whole list of reasons about it

Livin da kpop life



I watched Dramatical Murder and people are already shipping Aoba with Koujaku? They’re just good friends :\


best of friends




The Deer God is a breathtaking 3d pixel art game that will challenge your religion and your platforming skills.”

You play as a stag, it has pretty music and everything is so so pretty.
This game is beautiful and you should pledge on its kickstarter- it has only a month remaining!

Correction - 7 Days. 5k from goal.

$3,500 to go in a week!