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soo i just got home from awa…it was an experience that i dont think ill talk abt lol. but i did meet a lot of great artists and got a lot of cool stuff which ill post later.

i just want to thank everyone for being very patient with me this past month. september has been so stressful with school and  tests everyweek and prepping for awa that i have not touched one commission or order and i am so so sorry but bcos now all that is done, my finals are over , i canfinally dedicate my time back to working on commissions fully and sending out orders. once again thank you ALL for being sooo patient with me, it means so much…

Saw mazerunner omg so good… I like how diverse the chars were!!?? Minho was cute heh…

2ND TO LAST PRINT FOR AWA omfg im almost done, i just need to color the last one and im done IM DONE

Anonymous asked: For storenvy, how do you deal with taxes?

im not sure how tax works on there. i personally dont charge for tax, but i dunno if the site itself does a seperate charge for that, but i dont think so. i think everything you make just goes straight to you personally.

kyoushishi asked: I look forward to seeing you at AWA! So excited! <3

im excited to see you again too!! lets talk about dmmd hahaah

Anonymous asked: you'll be at AWA, correct?


ill be tabling with this cool person here ! gaulllimaufry

my last fanart print for awa….ive realized all my prints are mostly blue colored……oops.

also ive realized that drawing scenic backgrounds is very fun and calming.

So..remember how I said I lost my pen a few days back?
littlereddo graciously and randomly bought me a new one suddenly! !??? Very unexpected…thank you so much red ;; you are too kind for meeee

Hey all!! Some snazzy things came in yesterday while I was out and I just got the package last night.
Ill begin mailing things out on Thursday because thats my day off from classes~ thank you all for being patient ☆☆