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gotjinchen asked: I'll see if I can go that weekend (since I'm in school) i'd love to meet you and buy stuff :)

Yayy excited to meet you!

Anonymous asked: omg you live in GA? (or for school?) i used to live there and i remember the brutal heat!! and the yellow pollen sidewalks in spring omg... soooo itchy -_- also this past winter was insane... god im glad to be outta there but i hope you stay OK AND COMFY!!!! (yes this ask was an excuse to rant to you abt GA climate hello)

oh i live here in ga and go to school here! surprisingly the summer has been very mild this year, except this past week it has been very hot suddenly…hopefuuly it will cool down o|-< 

Getting so annoyed rn

gotjinchen asked: hello! i was the anon who likes kpop :) how are you? (and ga is freaking boiling how are we alive?)

hi!!! nice to meet you!! oh my gosh yes its soo hot today..the past days were terrible too.  what kpop groups are you into?! *o* did you say you will be going to awa? hope to see you there!

midnightzone asked: oh no!!! AHH ;_; hopefully you can figure out the name! I heard that if you use the wrong button parts, like wrong brand, it could mess up the machine.

oh no… TT now im scared. 

midnightzone asked: have you tried to look for the button parts by putting the name of your button machine in front of your search?? Normally I have to write 'tecre' in front of mine in order to find some on ebay :)

my button machine has no brand name on it 8’DD…..

does anyone know of any sellers on ebay that sell pinback button parts? everytime i search ebay, nothing but actual buttons comes up..

Anonymous asked: hello! I was browsing through your art and it's really cool! we're in the same state too~ (and we both like kpop). just stopped by to tell you that haha have a nice day :)

ahh you should unanon then!! we can talk about kpop and how hot ga is right now…

Anonymous asked: Hey the gofoundme twitter page just updated that they have closed the Darren Wilson campaign!!!




The campaign is still up and people are still able to donate. They just “deleted” the comments

So basically all they’re doing is hiding the obvious racism involved, making it even harder for people to show how the existence of the fund is inherently bigoted in nature.

Amazing. Talk about pretending to work for one group while stabbing them in the back.


So fyi to everyone, find another crowd funding website to use!