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what are still relevant fandoms to make buttons for…

Saw mazerunner omg so good… I like how diverse the chars were!!?? Minho was cute heh…

2ND TO LAST PRINT FOR AWA omfg im almost done, i just need to color the last one and im done IM DONE

Anonymous asked: For storenvy, how do you deal with taxes?

im not sure how tax works on there. i personally dont charge for tax, but i dunno if the site itself does a seperate charge for that, but i dont think so. i think everything you make just goes straight to you personally.

kyoushishi asked: I look forward to seeing you at AWA! So excited! <3

im excited to see you again too!! lets talk about dmmd hahaah

Anonymous asked: you'll be at AWA, correct?


ill be tabling with this cool person here ! gaulllimaufry

my last fanart print for awa….ive realized all my prints are mostly blue colored……oops.

also ive realized that drawing scenic backgrounds is very fun and calming.

So..remember how I said I lost my pen a few days back?
littlereddo graciously and randomly bought me a new one suddenly! !??? Very unexpected…thank you so much red ;; you are too kind for meeee

Hey all!! Some snazzy things came in yesterday while I was out and I just got the package last night.
Ill begin mailing things out on Thursday because thats my day off from classes~ thank you all for being patient ☆☆