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trade with the great pia! her reallly good lookin oc inash 8)))……………..

i like this enough to post but i wish there was a scrap on tumblr so no one could see it rofl.

jun’s new oc.

derk n scoot go teacup

marlow and seth in hopes to make diana feel better! \o/

thx for comin to my stream!

11 min late but

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARI!!! youre a real swell pal and i love you lots! ;o;
hope you had a great day~

im sorry i really had no idea what to draw you lmao

a trade i did with baysalt, her oc whom i dont know the name of but was a total cutie pie, could. not. resist drawing him ;;;

thanks to those who came to my stream to watch~~

Jin’s Orrick, my secret boyfriend

i feel like i havent drawn in weeks when its only been like 3 days.

kanps’ aiden which i need to draw a serious one later on.

back to uncharted!